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Contact Policy

I currently receive hundreds of messages weekly, therefore I have a contact policy to manage my time and prioritize my work. Please read this before contacting me for the first time.

I'm welcome to messages from new people if they pertain to technological discussions, general networking, or topics of mutual interest.

If you need help regarding a project I own or maintain, please redirect yourself to the documentation or community associated. Only contact me if explicitly stated in the project's documentation or community.

If you have a security or bug report for any project I own or maintain, please send them to my email with a detailed description and [REPORT] in the subject. I aim to respond to and fix reports within 24 hours.

When reaching out - please be concise and clear about the purpose of your message. I am incredibly selective about who I respond to, and messages that are vague, unclear or do not provide a clear purpose risk being ignored.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @dromzeh
Discord: @dromzeh